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Although the formats have changed consistently over decades, one thing has always remained the same; great artwork accompanies great music. With literature the common saying is 'don't judge a book by it's cover' but with music we think the opposite should be expected. The artwork for your music should reflect the message your song or album is conveying. 

Whether you're in need of artwork for your next single on Spotify or a full album design with physical copies printed, we can help you create the perfect artwork to match your music. We have years of experience creating artwork for musicians including multi-panel digipaks (our favorite) which we have printed in Canada from the talented team at

So let us know if your next single or album release needs some eye candy to entice possible listeners. All our artwork is web and print ready. Your design can also be customized to receive specific elements for use in other mediums. Imagine the name of your next single printed in it's matching typeface on the album cover and on your bands merch line-up like t-shirts and hats. 

Check out some of our album artwork designs below and contact us today for your free quote.

Hit us up today with your name, email and a quick message about what you're envisioning for your next album or single. Or let us know if you have any questions.
Use the form to send us a quick message with some initial ideas you may have or just to connect and we will contact you as soon as we can.
You may also email us directly at if you prefer!
Image by Clay Banks

Brand Identity

Your Brand Identity encompasses much more than just your logo. Let us help you define the visual imagery you represent.

album art

Every great album has a story to tell. Match that story with custom artwork for your next album or single.

event promo

Preparing for your next concert or event? Make sure it stands out with matching poster artwork and social images!

merch & more

Ready to merchandise, advertise, or create branding materials? We can handle it all! Hit the link to see what's possible with Tru.

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