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Consider BenOfficial as the DJ that can't resist grabbing the mic, hopping over whatever booth the venue has him in and completely rocking the crowd with his stand out voice and stage presence. You may have seen Ben behind the tables for touring artists such as Merkules or Snak The Ripper or maybe you'll recognize the 6'3'' turntablist from the peak performances of Midwest Mindset or more recently Project Trybe. Either way, it's hard not to recognize the DJ/Emcee extraordinaire.

Branching out in 2020 with his first solo release, BenOfficial gives listeners a taste of what he's been cooking with his album Table Talk

Table Talk gives you a taste of both worlds and will leave

listeners craving for more. The albums title track serves as an appetizer to the main course, highlighting BenOfficial’s skills as a crafty turntablist, and as a gifted lyricist over the Invectrum produced portion.


Long time collaborators and friends Project Trybe join the table with some more raw cuts to follow up their recent release titled ‘Earth People’.


So grab a plate, turn up your speakers and dive in.

Table Talk brings something fresh to the table that any Hip-Hop head should find appetizing!

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Check out BenOfficial's Table Talk today on any of your favourite streaming services. Featuring production from Corbett (Benny The Butcher, Nas, Anderson.Paak, Rick Ross), Sinima Beats and local beat master Invectrum.

Mixed and mastered solely by Travis Omen of TruMusic. 

BenOfficial - Human (Remix)
Harmed Forces Cypher 031
Harmed Forces Cypher 033
Fans and Smoke
Band Performing on Stage
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