BErkley roth

His early involvement in Red Deer's punk/hardcore scene would probably lead you to assume that Berkley's role in a Hip-Hop group would leave him stuck behind the guitar and production side of things. However, 3 group projects, 2 solo albums and countless live shows, freestyles and written verses would later prove quite the opposite.  

Berkley Roth could likely be classified as a wordsmith before anything, if it wasn't for a matching proficiency with instruments. Berkley credits his lyrical abilities to witnessing Travis Omen and Danny Epic spitting endless freestyles all the way back to the high school the trio attended. Later linking up to shake the local scene and form Midwest Mindset, Roth was given front row access to the song writing methods used by the budding group of emcees. Soon after he would begin to craft his own bars, emulating his group members style, then taking things in a direction all his own.

His degree in Philosophy could be partly credited for his vast vocabulary and lyrical concepts not usually mentioned in the realm of Hip-Hop. Multi-syllabic patterns, effortless double time rhyme schemes and entrancing, melodic hooks all combine fluidly to form his unique poetic style.

Berkley's production abilities don't fall flat either, lending his skills on guitar, bass, keys, synth and more to many of his group's biggest records to date, including the #1 song chosen in the first CBC Searchlight competition for all of Alberta (Erasing My Mind).


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