DANNY EPIC aka d.e.a.f.

He didn't get the nickname 'Epic' given to him for nothing. Danny's song-writing abilities have always got him noticed.  Pair that with his smooth flow, energetic bars and catchy melodies and you'll see where the moniker comes from.

His discography includes early collaborations on 'I Love RD' and the follow up album 'I Love Alberta Peace', alongside a group project with 'Red City Kings'. However his involvement in forming 'Midwest Mindset' which would later evolve into 'Project Trybe' holds the weight of his collaborative career.

Aside from the group projects, Danny Epic has a long list of King of the Dot rap battles where he quickly made a name for himself. He has also released an incredible solo album titled 'Mark My Words' produced entirely by 'Delcaro'.

Check out the album and rap battles below and make sure to follow Danny Epic on instagram and Spotify.

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Listen to the newest release from Danny Epic. Mark my words, the production from Delcaro and Danny Epic's story telling abilities will take you through the mind of the dysfunctional genius on the album cover. Featuring collaborations from his TruMusic label mates Project Trybe, Berkley Roth and Travis Omen alongside verses by Skyler Durden, Dom Sawyer, Bobbly Blast'em, Jay Es and more!

Make sure to follow Danny Epic on Spotify or Apple Music.

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