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Project Trybe consists of five artists who have been seemingly connected since day one. Music ultimately created a bond that would establish these people into lifelong friends and collaborators. Travis Omen, Danny Epic, BenOfficial, Berkley Roth and Stems complete the 5 person mega-group.

Their debut album, fully self-produced by the Trybe was released in October of 2019 and is titled Earth People.

 Their growth as artists, writers, producers and as human beings is evident from the opening song ‘Grow’, which inspired the creative album artwork from Tay Odynski (, until the final cut ‘Overtime’ which represents the countless hours spent from the group perfecting their craft, after work hours.

Under their previous moniker 'Midwest Mindset', the guys were able to place top 10 (#1 in Alberta) in the first CBC Searchlight contest for their breakthrough video 'Erasing My Mind'. As Project Trybe they've also snagged nominations in the YYC Music Awards twice and successfully crowd sourced almost $10,000 in their first Kickstarter campaign for 'I Love Alberta Peace'.

Project Trybe was fortunate enough to tour in 2019 with upcoming Stealthbomb Records artist 'JUNK' and Bay Area legend 'Locksmith'. Since then they have been back in the studio working on new solo projects and more group collaborations.

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Check out Project Trybe's full length album, which was originally intended to be an EP, hence the name Earth People.

As production continued however the group believed all 11 songs fit this album cohesively, painting an image of light and darkness, the sun and the moon, the tree and it's roots.

Stand out tracks include the video single '2 Feet', as well as 'Fyre' with visuals filmed in Havana, Cuba, and 'Pray feat. JUNK'. 

All tracks were produced entirely by Project Trybe and mixed and mastered exclusively by TruAudio.

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