To Stream or Not to Stream?

October 23, 2016

As independent musicians in the modern era of music, artists are provided numerous, almost unlimited ways of releasing their new music online. Free streaming services like YouTube, and Soundcloud have led the way in digital music platforms. Many artists upload their singles, or entire albums to these services for a few reasons; they're free to use, easy to share to gain views/listens, and they're well known and trusted by fans.  Both of these services have their own perks and benefits, and all of them allow your listeners instant access to your music. However, neither site gives musicians easy access to monetizing off of those streams.

Artists should take pride in the latest release. We put many hours of work into writing and recording the song. And if you aren't taking care of the recording, mixing and mastering yourself, you are likely spending a fair share of money on studio time. Then there's the time or money spent on creating album artwork. You finally have the mastered version of the track, some great cover art, and you're ready to share your masterpiece. So why limit your potential reach, stream count and possible income?