Solo Artists

Capitole D

Capitole D aka. Dallas Wallner is pushing the boundaries of local hip-hop in Red Deer.  After touring parts of Europe in 2013 with rap legend Kool Keith, Cap D has been working hard on expanding his local scene.  Heavy involvement at Truability has brought Cap not to the forefront of his city, not only as an artist but as a promoter.


Capitole D's discography continues to grow, making him an independent force not to be wreckoned with.  His first album Capitole D Collabs has sold over 300 physical copies to date.  Recently, he's released his follow up EP titled The Noose gaining him downloads/streams from around the world and selling over 400 physical discs without distribution.  Capitole D is now focussed on the upcoming release of his group album Alberta Murderaz - Blood Runz South and the next Capitole D Collabs 2 project slated for summer 2016. 

Download Capitole D - The Noose on iTunes
Travis Omen

Truability was founded and created by Travis Omen in 2013 after a long stint of unfulfilling design jobs and freelance work. Taking the skills he acquired from years of training and working in graphic design, combined with his passion for music and an entrepeneureal spirit is what led to the creation of Truability. 


Today he also manages the Bring Ya Own Bars rap cypher cometition and is a core member of Midwest Mindset.  As a solo artist Travis Omen has released multiple projects since 2005, including the successful I Love RD album which sold 300 physical copies in Red Deer.  In 2014, Travis released New World Omen with much success locally and online.  The project sold around 400 physical discs and continues to be streamed around the world.  In 2015 he dropped an album of previously unreleased material titled Technikal Knock Out while working on his next collaboration project, slated for spring 2016 titled I Love Alberta Peace.


Travis Omen is also an active battle rapper in the King of the Dot battle league.  Recent battles and music are available below.

Download Travis Omen - New World Omen 
Berkley Roth

From playing bass/guitar in Midwest Mindset, to writing some of the most well recieved hooks on the 1313 album, Berkley Roth is a true musician that loves to keep the listeners guessing.  He even dropped an unannounced solo album only a month after the Midwest Mindset project, titled In My Home


Fans got a glimpse of Berkley Roth's rhyming ability on tracks like Hello World, TRYBE, and Speak of the Devil from 1313, but with his first solo release In My Home they were given a much deeper look into the mind of the philisophical emcee/producer. 


Dropping complex multisyllable schemes (often in tandum with other group members) with a flawless delivery only begins to describe the magic created on the entirely self-produced album.  Click the iTunes link below to preview

In My Home by Berkley Roth. 


Check out Berkley's video series titled Living Room Sessions below.

Download Berkley Roth - In My Home on iTunes
Danny Epic

Danny Epic's list of collaborations begins in 2004 when himself and Travis Omen linked up to begin recording their first mixtape Hip-Hops Dead and the 2006 follow up The Resurrection.  Quickly the buzz around Danny Epic's rhyming ability began to grow city wide, especially for his entrancing hook writing skills.  In 2009, Danny lent his cadence to the I Love RD album and began performing on stage consistently.  Soon after he joined the group Last Onez Standing with Mike Assassin and Travis Omen, the group recorded several records before dismantling in 2010.  


Danny's popularity in Red Deer had gained the attention of his current band mates Berkley Roth and Jared Buote in late 2010.  Basement cyphers with the trio quickly evolved into the making of Midwest Mindset.


Danny's collaborative spirit also led him to creating another group with work colleagues Jay Es and Tay Gee, known as Red City Kings.  RCK for short went on to produce a very well recieved album, gaining himself and the group more popularity in Central Alberta, on and off stage.


Danny Epic might be best known however for his participation in the Canadian rap battle league King of the Dot.  With an impressive record and battles spanning from Vancouver to Edmonton, Danny Epic is an true emcee in every sense of the word.


Look out for Epic's upcoming solo project, coming summer of 2016.

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