Album artwork, check. Audio mixed and mastered, check. Ready to release your music? Wait, we're missing something here...The visuals!

Whether a full production video shoot, a dynamic lyric video or just some accompanying background visuals for video based mediums like YouTube, make sure your next release is set in motion! Statistics show that listeners are much more likely to stream your music if it is paired with original, high-resolution visuals. That's where we come in. 

Video production was once the category we left to the experts in that area. But as the music industry has evolved, especially with the break through of social media, we've realized the importance of being able to create quality visual content in-house.

Check out some of the videos we have created using nothing but an iPhone Pro and a DJI gimble, or some of the lyric and background visuals we've recently put together. Let us know your vision and we can make sure to rent the proper recording equipment for any budget.

Pair your upcoming single with some high-quality visuals today. Whether you're looking for a lyric video with animated text, background visuals with moving effects or if you're envisioning a full scale music video, let us know and we can help turn your vision into reality.
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