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event promo package


The venue is booked, your artists and entertainers are lined up and you want to announce your next big event to the world, but first you need one event promo package! Much like a Brand Identity is more than just a logo, your event should be advertised with more than just a poster.

Whether printing and plastering the posters all over your city, or just advertising on your social media event page, high quality artwork is essential. And event promo is our specialty. We have more experience hosting, attending and performing at events than most designers could imagine. We understand what makes a successful show and how to make your event stand out on a wall full of other options.

Check out some of the poster art we've created below and let us know when you're ready to create the focal point for your upcoming event. All Event Promo Packages include:

  1. High-Resolution artwork print files at 11"x17" (or customizable)

  2. Facebook Event Cover image

  3. Social Media Ad Package (simplified for ad standards)

  4. Event Logo File (can be used for custom merchandising)

Hosting an event soon and want to make sure the artwork catches your possible attendees eyes? Drop us a message and let us know what you're envisioning. We'll make sure it pops on the screen and on the streets.
Click to button below to send us a quick message with some initial ideas you may have or just to connect and we will contact you as soon as we can.
You may also email us directly at if you prefer!

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event promo

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