Best known for his role in the Alberta grown rap collective ‘Project Trybe’ and their previous live Hip-Hop band ‘Midwest Mindset’, Travis Omen is the definition of a true emcee. From countless stage performances and rap battles, to multiple cypher visuals and 6 albums spanning over the last decade, this artist’s catalogue is as vast as it is impressive.


His involvement with both groups landed them 2 nominations at the YYC Music Awards and a solo nomination for the Red Deer Entertainment awards in 2018. Coming off a successful release of the FACTOR funded ‘Earth People’ by Project Trybe, Travis immediately followed up the album with more music, this time a solo record written almost entirely without music and in his head titled ‘The Art of the FreeWritten’.


2020 has given Travis more time in the studio, his collaboration with Capitole D called 'Brain' was recently nominated for the Best Rap Category at the YYC awards, making this his 3rd involved nomination.


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Travis Omen returns with his latest solo installment since the release of 'The Art of the FreeWritten in early 2020. Dreams Come Tru takes you further into Travis Omen's psyche, through his dream state, giving listeners a deep journey into his personal life and experiences. The dream concept touches base in both meanings, referencing his goals & ambitions on songs like 'All That I Know', but also tying into his active dreaming mind state on the song 'All Alone'.

Dreams Come Tru however is only side one of this concept album and will be followed by his second release later this year titled 'Nightmares 2'. Both sides will be available exclusively as a collectors disc only, before the online release of the second side.

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